Houston Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Styles (BTE)

Receiver In The Ear (RITE) / Receiver In The Canal (RIC)

RITE/RIC models have grown immensely popular over the past few years, as they allow the ear to be less plugged up than traditional hearing aids, therefore causing a more natural sound quality for those that are in the fitting range for this style of aid. The speaker/receiver of the instrument is attached to a wire and placed in the ear canal, hence it’s name. The main body of the hearing aid fits discretely behind the ear- most patients choose an aid that most closely resembles the color of their hair for cosmetic reasons.







Mini BTE with Slim Tube

This model features the entire hearing aid behind the ear, while a thin plastic tubing that is connected to the aid directs the amplified sound into the ear canal. This style was very popular until the RITE/RIC was introduced, and now is more appropriate with patient’s that may not want their ears plugged up but may have issues such as chronic outer ear infections.








BTE with Ear Mold

BTE aids are usually a bit larger in size, allowing for maximum power. The entire body of the aid is behind the ear, and a thick tubing connected to a custom ear mold. This option is great if dexterity or power is a concern.