Our Audiology Services

Diagnostic Hearing Examinations:

This will include otoscopy, immitance testing, and audiometric testing, in order to determine the type, degree, and configuration of the patient’s hearing. The otoscopy section of the examination will allow the audiologist to evaluated the “outer ear” portion of the ear (ear canal). Immitance testing will evaluate the function of the “middle ear” (area behind the eardrum). Audiometric testing includes pure tone air and bone testing as well as speech recognition testing for an overall understanding of the entire ear system, including the “inner ear” (organ of hearing).

Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting:

Dr. Pourasef will spend ample time thoroughly explaining the test results with each patient. If it is determined that amplification is necessary, hearing aid options can also be discussed on the same day as the examination. Depending on the stock available as well as the amount of time left in the appointment, patients may get to walk out with hearing aids as early as the same day of the exam! Many patients prefer to order hearing aids closely matching their hair color (if aid is a behind-the-ear/receiver in the canal style), which would therefore take a few days to come in and be fit, usually within a 2-3 days of the initial appointment. If custom in-the-ear hearing aids are ordered, standard 1-2 week time should be allowed for fitting of the aids (rush shipping available). Memorial Hearing offers the latest digital hearing aids from leading manufacturers, including devices with bluetooth technology.

Follow Ups & Adjustments:

A two week follow up is made after the initial fitting. Some offices just put the patient back in the sound booth and play beeps to test how they are hearing with hearing aids, or even more common, simply ask the patient’s subjective opinion as to how they are hearing with the hearing aids, and adjust it according to the patient’s opinion. At Memorial Hearing, we believe that although it is important to take what the patient has to say into account, it is also important to have more realistic and modern objective testing so that the best quality of sound can be obtained and targets can most closely be met. Our office proudly uses speech mapping to verify how the patient is hearing with their hearing aids, using male and female voices to help determine where the aids need to be tweaked and fine tuned. Upon the completion of the fine tuning, most patients are happy with their settings and follow up as needed.

Hearing Aid Repairs & Loaner Aids:

At Memorial Hearing, we do our best to fix the hearing aids in-house if a repair is needed so that the patient can go about their business as usual. However, if the aid needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repair, we offer loaner hearing aids so that the patient can still have a hearing instrument to hear well with while waiting for the instrument to get back from repair!

Ear Mold Impressions:

Impressions of the ears can be taken in-office so that hearing aid ear molds, hearing protection devices, swim molds, custom hearing aids, MP3 headphones, musicians molds, and many other custom ear mold items can be ordered.

Earwax/Cerumen Management:

Depending on depth and thickness of wax, Memorial Hearing offers wax removal for patient’s so that the examination may continue. If we are unable to proceed due to impacted wax or any medical condition of the ear that would be a contraindication, we can refer out to trusted ENT’s (Ear, Nose, & Throat physician’s) with locations all over the city.


A vast supply of hearing aid batteries, wax filters, plastic dome tips, dehumidifiers, and other hearing aid supplies are kept in stock and can also be mailed to the patient’s home as requested.